YAML: YAML Ain't Markup Language

And while we're discussing data-interchange formats, we should mention YAML which is quite popular in the Ruby/Rails world.

"YAML is a human friendly data serialization standard for all programming languages."

The design goals for YAML are, in decreasing priority:

  1. YAML is easily readable by humans.
  2. YAML data is portable between programming languages.
  3. YAML matches the native data structures of agile languages.
  4. YAML has a consistent model to support generic tools.
  5. YAML supports one-pass processing.
  6. YAML is expressive and extensible.
  7. YAML is easy to implement and use.
    - Autumn
    - Winter
    - Spring
    - Summer
    - name: Monday
      short: Mon
      abbr: M
    - name: Tuesday
      short: Tue
      abbr: Tu
    - name: Wednesday
      short: Wed
      abbr: W
    - name: Thursday
      short: Thu
      abbr: Th
    - name: Friday
      short: Fri
      abbr: F
    - name: Saturday
      short: Sat
      abbr: Sa
    - name: Sunday
      short: Sun
      abbr: Su

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