CSCI E-153, Web Development Using XML
URI References

CSCI E-153, Web Development Using XML
Wrapping Up
Grab Bag
XSLT in the browser
XSLT in the Browser - Weather
XSLT in the Browser - XML Output
Differences of Meaning or Differences of Syntax?
Canonical XML
"diff" for XML
Differences in XML
XML Security
Encryption Basics
Symmetric Key Cryptography
Public Key Cryptography
Digital Signatures
Public Key + Signature
XML Encryption
XML Signature
XHTML and MathML
OpenSearch: Defining Search Services
OpenSearch: Defining Search Results
OpenSearch Client (Federated Searching)
XSLT Testing
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Testing WAI Checkpoints with Schematron
Browse, Advanced Search, Faceted Search
Advanced Search
Faceted Search
Faceted Search
Faceted Search - Facetmap
Apache Solr - Search and Facets
SIMILE Project and SIMILE Widgets
US Congress and Exhibit
Exhibit (Part of SIMILE Widgets)
Validation of College and University Web Sites
Exhibit Templates
Other Exhibit Components
Add Another View
What to remember...
Why XML?
Thank you!

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